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Our Story.

Having worked with the Hannon Hill's Cascade CMS on multiple client engagements going back to 2003, Cascade Factory co-founders Bob Michaels and Jordan King became very impressed with how powerful and flexible the system is. We believe it is by far the best enterprise-level content management system on the market.

After creating measurable impact for multiple clients using Cascade CMS, Bob and Jordan decided to focus efforts exclusively on providing Cascade CMS professional services, and Cascade Factory was born. We became a Hannon Hill Development Partner in 2010.

Being based in Austin, Texas (commonly referred to as the "Silicon Hills"), Cascade Factory enjoys access to an evergreen pool of world-class talent including hard-core software developers, incredible graphics designers, fantastic web developers and incredible project managers. Our management team is adept and applying resources on an as-needed basis to maximize efficiency and create lower overall cost of ownership for our clients.

When it comes to customizing Cascade CMS, we've got the experience, coding chops and creativity to deliver. We've developed very sophisticated custom solutions for many higher education and even some government clients.

Because we are a Cascade CMS shop exclusively, we have developed expert-level capabilities over a long period of time, and we routinely support clients by working with large design agency vendors throughout the creative design process to ensure seamless implementation with Cascade CMS. Because of this unique position we have been exposed to, and have adopted best practices from many of the "big boys" in the industry. Combined with the fact that Bob has been a full-time pro web developer and UX/UI guy since 1994 and has designed and built literally hundreds of websites himself, we are able to combine real-world professional experience and state-of-the-art best practices from across the industry to develop and deliver beautiful responsive designs to our clients at a fraction of the cost of most agencies.

We are a Cascade CMS full service solutions provider.

Give us a shout today and let's talk about how can help with your next Cascade CMS project!

  • Custom Website Design
    Our team of graphics designers delivers beautiful, compelling and sector-appropriate website designs. Let us create the look & feel for your website.
  • Project Management
    We provide complete software project management services, and are highly skilled and experienced with Rational Unified Process and Agile Development Methodology.
  • Editorial Management
    Our team of experts can guide the editorial process to deliver the right content for your website users. Whether you are editing down copy from a legacy site or creating new site copy or both, our team of editorial experts can help make sure your message is clear and impactful.
  • Project Analysis & Scope
    Through a series of client interviews and brainstorming sessions, our design engineers guide the discovery process until there is a clear picture of the project's desired features and outcomes.
  • Documentation
    Our documentation specialists create the necessary engineering documents to ensure the success of your project. We capture all requirements, constraints and risks so there is a granular detail before we ever start coding.
  • Cascade Server Setup
    Our team of engineers can get your installation of Hannon Hill Cascade Server up and running, regardless of where your server is located.
  • Cascade CMS Page Integration
    We create and integrate all the necessary templates, blocks, configuration sets, data definitions asset factories and publish sets necessary to get your site up and running quickly. We can turn your website design into a fully functional Cascade Server template, ready for content.
  • Cascade CMS Customization
    Our team has extensive experience creating custom solutions in Cascade CMS. We can develop and implement custom format scripts, data definitions and meta-data sets that deliver incredible flexibility and ease-of-user for your content contributors.
  • Legacy Systems Integration
    The Cascade Factory development team is capable of integrating existing software systems with Hannon Hill Cascade Server.
  • Custom Application Development & Integration
    Our development team has the ability to create very sophisticated and complex custom applications in virtually any language required. Team members have built custom enterprise-level business process automation and online communications platforms for some of the nation's largest companies.
  • Systems Testing
    Cascade Factory tests all aspects of our work to client specification to ensure there are no unintended outcomes within the system. We kill bugs.
  • Training
    Our instructors can teach your staff how to use Hannon Hill Cascade Server. We develop training materials including documentation and rich media, and deliver training for your staff and technical personnel.