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Cascade Factory's News Room Element makes it easier than ever to manage categorized news lists across your entire web enterprise.

Our approach uses a single data file to render news story lists and links dynamically wherever they exist in your website. No more worry about publishing the right news list page to ensure links to stories are up-to-date!


Structured Content

To provide user-friendly structured entry of news information, a custom data page will be created with a Cascade CMS data definition. This custom data page will be designed to best meet your news usability requirements. Content creators will be able to input text and selections such as news date, image selection, author, and news category with ease.

Multi-Output Files

News items are commonly required in a format other than HTML; in many cases users request a PDF version. Cascade CMS enables us to publish both file versions from the same page of structured content. Cascade Factory will implement a format script to enable the publishing of the file type that best suits your needs. An example is the detail page includes social share links, whereas the PDF includes a press header rather than the website header. Design of the detail page will be based on planning input from your team, including one revision after review.

Dynamic News List Distribution

The system will use the news data file and news list templates to render news listings throughout the site which greatly increases speed of publishing and minimizes complexity across your web enterprise.

News Data File

Cascade CMS must publish a file to provide news data to the distribution script. Cascade Factory will create a formatted data file that will be published from Cascade CMS. The data file will contain all news information needed for listings and links to new story pages. This approach only requires the news data file to be published in order to update all news lists and lnks throughout your web enterprise.

News List Templates

The HTML of the news list layouts and list items are easily editable to provide the maximum amount of layout flexibility. Cascade Factory will create a Cascade Server page that will contain the HTML skeleton for the layout and list item of each style of news list. This page will be published to the web server and referenced by the distribution script when rendering the display.


News items do not need approval, but a very simple workflow can be created that will allow the news editor to publish the news story page along with a trigger to publish the data file to update listings.


As part of our News Room Element, Cascade Factory provides training to your Cascade CMS admin staff covering usage and management.