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The CF Tagging element is a fully configurable system that enables blog-style content tagging and list delivery across your web enterprise.

The system can match single or multiple tags that are associated with page or block content elements.


Fully configurable

CF Tagging contains multiple, pre-coded features that lets you display content in multiple ways across your web enterprise. By selecting combinations of asset types to display, folder depths, matching options and more, you've got serious control over granularity and display options.

Multiple Asset Display

The system can display pages and blocks, so you've got maximum flexibility to manage your content in the most convenient format for your enterprise.

Layout Options

CF Layout scripts display the data in a number of common formats. CF Tag Layouts work directly with CF Tagging system to display a particular style of HTML content. A CF Tag Layout will be provided for displaying each: a small list of pages related to the current page, displaying a large list of pages of a category, and creating the new Grid and List display for aggregated pages.

Tags Data File

Cascade CMS must publish a file to provide events data to the distribution script. Cascade Factory will create a formatted data file that will be published from Cascade CMS. The data file will contain all information needed for tagged content lists and display. Only the events data file will need to be published to update all tagged lists. Once the tag data file is published, all pages that contain tagged list information will automatically display the latest info whenever web pages that contain tag lists are viewed.


Cascade Factory will provide training to your Cascade CMS admin staff about usage and management of the Events Element.