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Cascade Factory provides comprehensive services to best fit your needs.

We're comfortable working in blended environments and are please to engage on an as-needed basis. Cascade Factory services encompass the following disciplines within Cascade CMS-driven environments:

  • Integration
  • Data Definition Driven Solution Development
  • Web Service Interaction Development
  • Custom Application Development
  • Information and Content Strategy
  • Internal/External Migration
  • Graphics and UI Design

Website Design & Development

All websites that Cascade Factory builds are responsive. We are comfortable with virtually any responsive framework, and have expert knowledge of Twitter Bootstrap. Cascade Factory has built
and integrated a wide array of third party JavaScript tools. These tools range from image sliders to social plugins. When possible, Cascade Factory uses jQuery while working with JavaScript. Cascade Factory has extensive capabilities with the following technologies:

  • HTML, Velocity Script, XSLT, JavaScript, .Net, .PHP, ColdFusion, jQuery, Angular JS, Node JS, SVG
  • CSS
  • Twitter Bootstrap, Custom Responsive Frameworks

Cascade Factory provides comprehensive content strategy and analysis to aid our clients in targeting, branding, tone, and messaging. Cascade Factory’s Migration and QA services can also be leveraged to ensure that content and site structure is reconstructed in Cascade CMS and optimized for template designs. Whether designing a new microsite, or migrating from a legacy system comprehensive solutions and maintenance are available to achieve seamless results.

Project Management Approach

Cascade Factory has years of experience managing large projects for government, non-profit, and higher education sectors. From website design and development projects to enterprise-level content management system integration, Cascade Factory is capable of managing projects of all levels of complexity. Cascade Factory has demonstrable experience in the following project management disciplines:

  • Planning & Documentation
  • Process, Timeline, & Resource Management
  • Third-party Project Management

Project Process

For each project, Cascade Factory assigns a Project Manager and establishes project management timelines using Basecamp or a client preferred project management solution. A project outline is created upon project set-up, establishing roles, responsibilities and timelines. Cascade Factory’s Project Manager will work as the primary coordinator of timelines. Our development approach leverages a blend of traditional processes like Rational Unified Process, blended with Agile methodologies and approaches. This enables us to consistently document and execute development projects that are delivered on time and within budget, and that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Dedicated Resources

Cascade Factory will arrange a dedicated team of resources to complete requirements for template integration, these include;

  • Project Manager
  • Developers
  • Designers