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Interactive progam finder ad banners

Drive traffic directly to your academic program pages from the internet using Goole Ads. Utilizing patent-pending technology, Cascade Factory is the first to offer academic program finders that can be distributed on ad server networks and demand-side platforms like Google Ads and many others. Below are examples of our academic program finder ad banners:

Cloud program finder

Immediate Utilization, Immediate results

Our injectable cloud program finders cut through dense academic program and course content like a light saber. We turn your entire .edu web enterprise into a enrollment recruiting lead generation engine.

Our program finders easily and seamlessly inject into any webpage with a simple javascript tag, and guide visitors to specific program pages within the web enterprise. As visitors make selections and visit target web pages, unique "selection analytics" are created that provide new and deeper insights into visitor behaviors, consumption, and conversion trends. Our approach is completely cookie-less.

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Engage, Inform, Guide

Information Steppers

Our information steppers are multiple screens that are linked together to provide a self-guided interactive presentation that informs and provides access to supporing online resources.

The purpose of this particular information stepper is to deliver critical protocol and legal information related to sexual misconduct and relationship violence, a sensitive yet very important topic.

The entire interactive presentation is delivered via a simple JavaScript plugin, and is totally portable. This example exists in multiple web pages across the linfield.edu web enterprise to increase discoverability.

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